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How could we not award harper (8yrs) with a prize...

S. Group / November 17, 2017

How could we not award harper (8yrs) with a prize for this amazing entry into our #chasewonderworld competition! have a read of how harper is building a better world: "harper helped a desert village struggling with lack of clean water, food and the effects of drought. we did some research on difficulties faced by desert communities in africa and used concepts to help from three areas: 1. the acacia tree project ( which aims to use australian acacia trees in africa to help restore the soil of desert environments, they capture moisture, provide windbreaks, shade and the leaves fall become fertilser. also the acacia trees provide seeds which can be milled into a type of flour or used feed to livestock. 2. chicken farming;. chickens are a low maintenance animal, they don't need anywhere near as much food and water as larger animals like sheep, goats or cattle, don't require the supervision of a shepherd and are easily bred. they provide a dual source of food for the community in the way of eggs and meat, finally they provide a source of income for the community as the live animals or their produce can be sold or traded to other villages. 3. saltwater cooled greenhouse; part of the the sahara forest project, and its goal to return a large portion of the sahara desert back to vegetation. is by the use of bringing saltwater inland and using greenhouses to purify the water via evaporation building this project allows it to be used for watering the acacia plantation, and providing clean drinking water for the chickens and villagers. harper hopes you enjoy her creation and her attempt to build a better world in minecraft!" wow harper #awesome work! there's still a few days left to get your entries in with the competition closing this friday... and remember that together we can build a better world! #chasewonder

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