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David Bradford


Haaaave you met David? With a certificate in residential drafting and an accredited building designer, it’s about time you did.

Efficient but a perfectionist, and with a building resume longer than the Midland Highway roadworks, David has found himself well settled into the S. life.

A self-proclaimed ‘documentation specialist’ (we can confirm), it’s no wonder he led the construction documentation of the supreme court in the Northern Territory. Working up north for a few years, David also gained experience in both residential and commercial large indigenous housing projects.

Back home David has had his hand in many projects. Fun fact: You can’t drive through a street without driving past a house David has been involved in. Just kidding, Tasmania is much bigger than that. But he has worked on over one thousand projects (and counting) during his work life.

If you can’t find him at his desk, he’s not working so please tell him to get back to work. Just kidding, you will find him with his friends, trail bike riding, boxing, or practising martial arts. That’s if he isn’t writing and performing his own music.

What can’t this guy do? Well, he can’t say she sells seashells by the seashore. Not because of the pronunciations, but because he’s really shy.

Notable clients

Department of State Growth, Jape Homemaker Centre and Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Qualifications + Experience

Certificate IV in residential Building Design & Drafting


Certificate of accreditation Tasmanian Building Designer


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