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Jonathan Buist

Associate Architect

Jono giraffe. Ah, the giraffe, known to be one of the most confident and elegant of animals, they are good looking, move with confidence, they’re successful and are anything but ordinary. But we only call Jono that because he’s tall - 5 foot 18 inches to be exact. Just kidding. He is also a little freckly.

Specialising in commercial architecture with extensive experience in public buildings, education, government fit-outs and (take a breath here if you want) medical facilities, Jono’s resume is a as good as you can get in the archi world.

Nicknamed the tall building specialist, Jono is known for his project management, eye for design and pushing for the best result… always.

Knowing you can never stop learning, Jono is a council member of the Institute of Architects Tasmania, working alongside other members to learn as well as develop strategies that deliver activities and services to members and stakeholders across the industry.

As a father of 4 kids, his second job as a taxi driver keeps him busy outside of work (surprisingly no Uber benefits). He has also been known to fell big trees, weld metal and make bread from scratch… but not all at the same time.

Notable clients

Tourism Tasmania, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, The Public Trustee, Fragrance Group, Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, Launceston Christian School and Services Australia.

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Qualifications + Experience

Chapter Councillor

— Institute of Architects Tasmanian Chapter

Industry Experience


Bachelor of Architecture

— University of Tasmania
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Board Member

— Door of Hope Resource Ministry Board


— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.

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