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Stefan Pocza


It’s lucky Stefan is so darn good at what he does, because otherwise, we don’t know if we could put up with his continuous Dad jokes. Honestly, it’s a wonder there are any left to tell!

Always looking to extend his knowledge and put time into personal development, Stef is currently studying for his Masters of Architecture with Curtin University while working full time to ensure projects get through council approvals and beautiful buildings can be built.

With over 20 years of experience working for architectural firms, building designers and building companies, Stefan has acquired a diverse and extensive skill set including conceptual modelling, finely detailed plans, solar studies, planning documentation, thermal performance assessments and renderings to name a few. To top that off, he’s got strong principles of problem solving and practicality and knows how to get a job done.

In his spare time, he’s a sociable soul who can often be found pondering the meaning of life, working out or watching sport; and, we recently found out that Stef’s offer to be a catwalk model has been politely declined (on many occasions) – apparently you have to be taller than 5 foot to be a model.

He might be a little on the short side, but Stef’s attention to detail, easy-going character and can-do attitude is one of the many reasons we love having him around... it also helps that he is a black belt in ninjutsu.

Notable clients

Victory Christian College, 431 Hobart, La Vie Collective and Launceston Christain School.

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Qualifications + Experience

Currently Studying Bachelor of Science

— Curtin University

Industry Experience


Thermal Performance Assessment (Extension)

— University of Ballarat

Associate Diploma of Architectural Drafting

— Wodonga Institute of Tafe

Thermal Performance Assessment

— University of Ballarat
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— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.


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