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Ashlee Carey

Marketing Advisor + Project Manager

You know those magicians who perform that plate spinning trick? Well, watching Ash work is much like that. No matter how many plates are in the air, she’ll never drop them. In fact, you could throw in a few cups and saucers and she'd be likely to spin those too.

Ash weaves her magic with all facets of marketing, from campaign management, implementation, concept development and copywriting (which can include a dad joke or two from her impressive repertoire) to producing Hollywood level video shoots.

Marketing isn't the only trick Ash has up her sleeve, however. She also has the rare ability to project manage like no one else we know - keeping on top of schedules and budgets so that deadlines are met, all while brainstorming new opportunities and ideas that are totally on brand. With consistent and comprehensive communication (try to say that three times fast!), her clients are never left wondering. (Apart from how on earth she's pulling off all this amazingness!)

With Ash’s holistic oversight, our clients know that all plates (and anything else thrown at her) will always be spinning at the right time and the right speed... and most importantly, totally under control.

Like any magician, Ash also loves being centre stage (not at all), so it’s understandable that she’s the only member of S. featured on both ABC News and the Daily Mail (but of course, Sammy’s working on changing this).

Notable clients

Platinum Pro Construction, Finance Brokers Tasmania, Adventist Schools Victoria, James Hardie, CSIRO, Oliver Kelly Construction, Local Motor Group, Mckillops Insurance Brokers, The Baker Group, Change Overnight, Girl Guides Tasmania, Launceston Conference Centre, Murdoch Clarke Mortgage Fund (MCMF), Kin Capital and Country Club Estate.




— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.


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