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Ashlee Carey

Marketing Advisor + Project Manager

Drawn to fast-paced environments, Ash is the perfect fit to work alongside boss-man Sam to run his life, implement truckloads of marketing campaigns AND manage a project or ten on the side. (Imagine the most organised person in your world, then double it. Well, Ash isn’t THAT organised, but she is pretty darn close.)

With oodles of life experience, while Ash is somewhat new to the creative industry, her transferable skills, quick-thinking and passion for her clients’ success, make her a pivotal player in the S. brand and marketing team.

As well as being fully across project scheduling, resource wrangling and communicating with clients (as well as the entire project team) before the rest of us have even finished stirring our morning coffee, Ash is a complete whiz at social media and marketing implementation. Not only can she advise on the most effective marketing solutions for your business and your budget, but she really ‘gets’ brand.

Maybe that’s why Ash also writes great copy – she somehow manages to totally absorb the essence of a client’s brand personality, and will then write copy that communicates all the right stuff, in a way that is educational, entertaining, and most importantly, on-brand. (And if your brand requires some additional humour, her repertoire of horrifically good dad jokes always comes in handy!)

Aside from always being 10 steps ahead of the rest of us, Ash is possibly also the only person on the planet that can make a vegemite tracksuit look cool (ask for a pic, it’s worth it).

Notable clients

Finance Brokers of Tasmania, McKillops, Baker Group, Change Overnight and Girl Guides Tasmania.



— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.


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