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Senior Developer


We definitely try to avoid stereotypes but one does often imagine a web developer sitting in their room coding away, and frankly, nerding out.

Jayden happily admits that he did fit the stereotype when he was 15 where he spent many hours writing code in his bedroom. Lucky for us, he followed his passion becoming one of the best software engineers around. He has a knack of taking dry information and data and turning it into impressive user-friendly animations and infographics that are responsive and web-friendly.

All those years spent coding in his bedroom were character-building as it turns out Jayden is really, really funny and often has the office in stitches with his off-kilter, very dry sense of humour. If we haven’t sold you on Jayden yet, just know that he is a loving Dad to a very adorable sausage dog called Winnie and he can bring her to meetings upon request.

Staff 20

Qualifications + Experience

Industry Experience


Former Owner

— Intelliscale Business Solutions

A software development company building tools for small businesses.


Expert in Over 10 Programming Languages

2020 Client Party Low Res 145




A philanthropic endeavour to provide affordable websites and apps to charities.


Notable clients

Kookaï, Bali Body, Esther & Co. (formerly Esther Boutique), Designer Kidz, Wild Thing Records

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