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Mahala Cohen


'Mayhay', as we like to call her, may be the youngest of our S. crew, but she certainly doesn't let that stop her from being a creative powerhouse!

While she keeps herself busy with a range of photography projects, she's also (very successfully) juggling a uni degree in advertising and marketing. She loves a good brainstorm, can dream up big ideas with the best of us, and actually understands all those big marketing terms that we throw around to impress our clients.

Coming from a big family, Mayhay is adept at concentrating even when working in the midst of a madhouse, and her bright, bubbly and friendly nature immediately puts people at ease (which is very helpful when photographing people who don't always like to be in front of a camera)!

To top it off, this gal has style by the bucketload - even when she's traipsing through a paddock chasing sheep (who can be painfully camera-shy, even for Mayhay), she manages to look cool and stylish.

Notable clients

Cressy District High School, Discovery Early Learning Centres, McKillops Insurance, Finance Brokers Tasmania, All4 and Ridgley Primary School.

2020 Client Party Low Res 118

Qualifications + Experience

Industry Experience


Working towards her Bachelor of Communications in Advertising

— Deakin University

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