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Mia Barnett

Senior Creative

Meet Mia-Carla Nicole Barnett, known to us simply as Mia. A creative chameleon with over two decades of design experience, Mia has honed her craft across agencies, media, and non-profits. Whether she’s creating compelling brand identities, social media campaigns, or web designs – she crushes it. Her expertise isn’t limited to design; she’s also a whiz at digital strategy and consultancy, brand story-telling, building strong client relationships and facilitating workshops. Ok, stop showing off now, Mia.

Although able to thrive in chaos (phew!), Mia loves processes and systems that ensure projects run smoothly and clients can trust her to deliver – yep, you’ll fit in just fine, Mia.

Mia’s journey in design officially began in 2000, though her creative exploits started even earlier. And from participating in startup weekends in Portugal and Malaysia, to hosting her own creative networking events like The Design Kids (TDK), Mia is a true entrepreneurial champion.

In her time, she’s lived in 16 countries in a year, doesn't mind skateboarding as a form of transport, and has been chased by an octopus (we haven’t asked…). Her hobbies include soaking in the vibrancy of live music and theatre (just ask her about her punk rock band days with our boss man), enjoying nature, and connecting with other like-minded people (AKA hanging out at local pubs and cafés).

To say we’re stoked to have Mia on our team is the understatement of the century. She perfectly suits the eclectic S. team and will no doubt bring value, passion and a bucketload of creativity to our projects and clients.

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