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Richard Harmey

Videographer + Photographer

With a cackle so loud it can be heard far out at sea, some know him only as ‘Witch-ard’. But, with his voice carrying for miles, organising people on-set means this would-be curse has actually benefited his career. Unfortunately for the rest of us, since joining the team, the office has become a BYO zone; as in bring your own earplugs.

If you can get past feeling like you’ve drifted into Oz every time you’re around him, Richard’s a pretty top bloke. Larger than life, he has quality people skills and always makes himself available for a cuddle. Nawww.

Coupled with this endearing personality is a creative mind that thinks big picture. With a background in design, photography, computer programming, business and marketing, there are few creative pursuits Richard hasn’t tried his hand at. And you know what? There are quick learners, and then there’s Richard. This guy could dabble in origami and would be a master within hours.

Richard applies his multi-disciplinary understanding to produce all kinds of outstanding videography projects and loves the opportunity to try new things and create something unique.

Notable clients

Finance Brokers Tasmania, All4, MCB Developments, Change Overnight, Tas City Building, DT Talk, McKillops, Bec and George and Junction Arts Festival.

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Qualifications + Experience


— Folktale Films

Folktale Films is a production company specialising in videography.


Industry Experience

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— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.


Honours + Awards

Best Tasmanian Videographer

— Bride’s Choice Awards

Grand Diemen Digital Award

— Junction Arts Festival

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