Anya Louw

Anya  Louw

The fear of being different can make or break young people as they search to belong and be accepted by their peers. For Anya, fear is no boundary. Everyday Anya chases her dream. She's up before sunrise to mount her bike, to endure the pain of training and to not only leave the comfort of her bed but to completely leave her comfort zone. She's chasing a feeling, a feeling of pure elation, amazement and wonder. A feeling that's worth all the crashes, early mornings, rainy days, frozen hands, sacrifices, falls, failures and faults. Anya isn't your typical teenage girl, she's a fearless road cyclist, who is a true wonder chaser. It takes guts to believe in something, which isn't, guaranteed and mainstream, but 17 year old Anya is forging a unworn path and showing that girls too can be fearless, strong and competitive athletes as each day she chasers her dream and 'that' feeling. Anya is a wonder chaser.

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