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Why use Craft CMS?

It's empowering and adaptable

Specifically, we would recommend Craft CMS because it is a robust, flexible and intuitive content management system.

From our years of experience with Craft, we’ve found it can handle a wide array of site requirements. For content editors, Craft is first and foremost an intuitive and flexible platform. Craft’s clean, minimal control panel ensure non-technical users are not overwhelmed by technical ‘lingo’, with its live preview function instantly showing how content appears on the front-end of the website.

All websites we develop must adhere to best-practice responsiveness, ensuring your site looks and acts well across multiple devices. Typically, over 60% of users browse via a mobile device, which is why this audience is such a vital part of our design and development process. Additionally, Craft’s control panel itself is responsive, allowing your content editors to make changes at any time.

Craft powers over 10,000 sites worldwide, and is in use by companies such as Airbnb, Associated Press, Intel, Klipsch, Oakley and Progressive Insurance.

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It's maintainable and extensible

As content editors, you will have a great deal of control and flexibility over how your content is laid out on a page. This control ensures your site and overall pages can remain fresh and relevant while maintaining a consistent visual style.

As for Craft CMS itself, it strives to follow best practices, and avoid reinventing the wheel regarding the technology it’s built with. It does this by building on industry-standard and battle-tested platforms such as Yii, and has best-in-class security standards. Through this, Craft is highly extendable via plugins and built-in functionality. Importantly, Craft enforces the best-practice code for plugins, ensuring even third-party code is well-written.

The Craft CMS developers (Pixel & Tonic) are passionate and dedicated, with a strong focus on community involvement and support. In our dealings with the team, their support has been incredibly timely and helpful – something which cannot be understated in case of emergencies. Their level of commitment to the community can be seen by their very regular release schedule (close to weekly), and their transparent communication. As Craft service partners, S. Group has priority support from the Pixel & Tonic team and an active, ongoing relationship.

Due to the rapidly changing pace of the web, it is important to keep your website up to date. We often recommend a formalised ongoing relationship with all our clients (via a retainer), to ensure your website works at peak performance as the web changes around it. This agreement often includes updates to the CMS and related plugins, as well as ensuring compatibility with new browsers, devices and technologies. Importantly, this helps to address any potential security exploits on your website or targeted to the web at large.

Craft plugins

Where existing plugins do not exist, we have the ability to program our own Craft plugins to perform the actions required by a third-party API. Our team at Verbb – a subsidiary brand of S. – is an industry leader in Craft plugin development, demonstrated on the Verbb website.

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