create wonder.
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How it all began…

It has always been in Sam Haberle’s nature to push the boundaries. To question the norm. To look at things from a different perspective.

In 2010, Sam saw there was a need to approach architecture differently. He craved more creativity and collaboration, but deeper than that - he wanted to use his creativity to make a difference in our world.

A business that would make ‘giving back’ an integral part of its process. With creativity at its core, and generosity in its veins.

From this ideal, S. Group was born.

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What started as a group of young, edgy, skateboarding architects, keen to forge their own unique path, the business built a distinctive style and attitude that has been hard to ignore.

Over the years, the team has grown, brand and marketing expertise has been added, and the ‘S’ brand has come to stand for much more than just architecture. Like Sam himself, ‘S’ is known for breaking the rules, being bold, courageous and daring to be different. It’s a brand that people aspire to be part of.

But more than a brand. It’s an energy. An emotion. An ever-evolving entity.

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S. Group is, and always has been, a business with heart.

Motivated by our purpose to – use our talents to make our neighbourhood better, here and abroad – we are actively involved with, and support numerous community projects, all with a common aim of making our world a better place. (You can read more about or philanthropical work here.)

We know that the more we give, the better our world becomes.

We’re determined to use our talents to help others through all kinds of ways, but most importantly, to create joy thought the process of creating.

Quite simply, at S, we live to create wonder.

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Our vision

To create joy through creating.

Our purpose

To use our talents to make our neighbourhood better, here and abroad.

Our values

It’s the welcoming smile that reaches our eyes… A belly laugh that erupts from a meeting room. We find joy in the little things and spread joy to everyone we can. We lift the mood and pick others up. We seek the opportunity, not the issue.

It’s a spirit that permeates everything we do. We openly and warmly give our time, our skills and our hearts to the community, our clients and each other.

It’s our attention to the details. It’s thinking things through… then revisiting the issue and going even deeper. We are thoughtful, respectful, we act mindfully and we carefully consider all angles, attitudes and approaches.

It’s more than just accepting. We open our arms to everyone, to the experience, and to the moment. (And if that means hugs, we’re cool with that too!)

It’s in our approach to work and life. We’re confident in our knowledge and our skills. We’re bold enough to take risks, and brave enough to be honest.

Let’s create something wonderful together…

If you have a social enterprise, a not-for-profit or simply a wonderful idea of how you want to help others, and you think we could help, let’s chat. We’re always happy to explore how we can use our talents and resources to help others – both locally and further afield. After all, using our creativity to make the world a better place is what we’re all about!

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