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Verbb creates exceptional products.

Verbb is a software development company based in Melbourne, Australia, that designs and develops useful and enjoyable Craft CMS plugins. As a subsidiary of S. Group, Verbb has built some widely used plugins running on hundreds of sites.

Craft CMS plugins

A powerful field type for adding extra flexibility to your content – Super Table is a super-charged extension, and a mix between the core Table and Matrix fields. Use as a content builder, or together with Matrix for very flexible page and component layouts.

Make it easy to manage the multitude of fields for a Craft CMS site with Field Manager. Easily clone individual fields, or entire field groups, find unused fields and import/export fields.

Take control over your Craft CMS control panel navigation with CP Nav. Rename, reorder, hide and show menu items in the control panel. You can even add your own custom menu items for external links, or commonly used URLs within Craft.

Ensure uploaded images don't take too much disk space! Most of the time, you don't need that 6000 x 4000px image, as you're using transforms on it in your templates (if you're not, you should). Image Resizer takes care of this for you automatically, resizing images to a more sane default.

A common publisher-editor scenario is an editor has permissions to edit or create content, but not publish it live to a website. In this case, it must first be reviewed by a publisher before being available on the website. Workflow facilitates this through a submission and review workflow.

Take control over comments for your site, by having them sit alongside your content. Completely ad-free and flexible, every part of Comments is customisable to your needs.

Automatically post your entries to social media channels when you publish your entries. Selectively post to different networks, or re-post on-demand to boost certain entries. Supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with developer support for additional third-party providers.

A simple plugin for Craft CMS that alters the entries index sidebar to list all singles, rather than grouping them under a 'Singles' menu item. This can be particularly handy for a site with a large amount of singles, or just to make it clear to your editors where your content sits.

Manage navigation menus for your site Craft site. Supports linking to existing elements like entries, categories and products, as well as custom URLs.

Provide your customers with real-time shipping costs from your preferred provider.

Allow your customers to purchase digital gift vouchers, which can be redeemed by other customers during checkout for a discount on their order.

A full-feature plugin for event management and ticketing for Craft Commerce. If you've got an event and looking to sell tickets, look no further than Events.

Allow your site users to create lists for any element, for a variety of use-cases. Create a favourites list for entries, or create a wishlist for products to easily one-click add to your cart.

All sharable via a unique URL of course.

Give your content editors the power to select icons intuitively from the control panel.

The most user-friendly forms plugin for Craft. With over 25 fields, email notifications, third-party integrations, multi-page forms, out-of-the-box front-end templates and loads more — we know your users will love to create forms with Formie.

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