create wonder.


We’re passionate about architecture, but freely admit it can be a pretty pretentious game.

Don’t get us wrong, we love amazing architecture, but at the end of the day we’re all about designing amazing spaces that create better lives for all. From small through to large-scale tourism, education, residential and heritage development projects, we design with the aim of creating solutions, creating something beyond the ordinary… and most of all, creating wonder.

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Here’s the standard/ticks boxes stuff you need to know – we have a multi-faceted team who are highly experienced in design, documentation, facilitation, and development of commercial, domestic and community architecture projects. And, we’re an A Plus Member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Our process

The first step of any project is to understand your brief and gather information on your functional, aesthetic and sustainability requirements. This includes visiting your site to assess the conditions and any constraints.

Once this step is complete, we'll investigate council regulations and compliance matters and develop the concept.

The next bit – now this is exciting – is where we present our concept back to you. This will be in the form of sketches, diagrams and other information to explain the concept.

If you like the direction, we'll prepare a preliminary estimate of the cost of works and provide recommendations for the appointment of other specialist consultants as required.

Our team will:

  • Undertake design workshops with you as required

  • Hold discussions with authorities in relation to statutory requirements

  • Hold discussions with other specialist consultants as required

  • Prepare documents to accompany specialist consultants reports

  • Discuss options for materials and finishes

  • Present refined drawings to adequately explain design development

  • Review the design against the budget for the cost of works

  • Submit and manage the council development application

Our team will:

  • Finalise selections and design details

  • Coordinate and integrate the work of other specialist consultants

  • Prepare complete working drawings for the statutory approval of the project

  • Prepare complete working drawings for the construction of the project

  • Continue to review the design against the budget for the cost of works

  • Provide recommendations on the preferred method of building contractor selection

  • Submit and manage the council building application

Need help putting your project out to tender? Our team will:

  • Prepare project-specific specifications and schedules

  • Invite competitive tenders from recommended builders

  • Manage a formal tender process including the final negotiations

*Note: re-tendering or making any changes to construction documentation at this point will incur additional fees.

Our team will:

  • Prepare a formal building contract

  • Arrange the signing and execution of the building contract by relevant parties

  • Attend regular site visits to ensure consistency of design intent and contract

  • Report regularly to you – the client – regarding time, cost and progress of the project

  • Assess contractors progress claims and issue recommendations

  • Issue instructions to the contractor as required

  • Provide construction documentation as required