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Tim Fry


Once famous for the renowned series, Timmy’s Tips, Tim has since established a pretty solid reputation as the nicest guy in the office with a calming nature that would put the toughest at ease. If you ever need a cuppa and a chat, Tim’s your man.

He’s described as S. Group’s best pool player* and deepest thinker, and once said the wise words, “Let’s stop seeing the worst in those who disagree with us, and with whom we disagree, we might realise that we tend to hold a lot of the same values at a deeper level.” That’s pretty deep, Timmy.

Tim takes a ‘critical thinking’ approach to projects to ensure that nothing is designed without purpose and will jump at the opportunity to get involved with his community and make a contribution for the better. His style? Think intricate design mixed with amazing angles then finish it with an after dinner mint and you have just perfectly pictured all of Timmy’s houses.

With a wide range of noteworthy skills on his resume, one thing Timmy also enjoys is pulling cars apart and putting them back together again. We don’t really understand that one, Timmy – just buy a puzzle.

*Please don’t let anyone else from the office read this.

Notable clients

Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, Vos Nominees Pty Ltd, 431 Hobart Pty Ltd, La Vie Collective, Leighland Christian School, City of Launceston, Newstead Medical and Newstead Christian School.

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Qualifications + Experience

Industry Experience


Masters of Architecture

— University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Environmental Design

— University of Tasmania
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Volunteering at Missiondale


Board Member Deputy Chair

— Newstead Christian School


— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.

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