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Molly Clark

Project Manager

Molly may be one of the youngest on our team, but she brings a wealth of diverse experiences. She's worked in a range of different industries all over the world, which has not only made her incredibly wise for her years, but has also shaped her into a well-rounded professional.

Since she left school (all of five minutes ago), Molly has dipped her toes in hospitality (including at a prestigious bar in Canada), and has worked as a steel fabrication designer, a swim instructor and a waterfront director in a summer camp in Pennsylvania, USA. Molly also started her own woodworking business in 2015 at the age of 16 (ugh, makes me feel old).

Molly’s experience facilitating corporate events in the USA (did we also mention that in the list of roles she’s held down??) showcases her ability to manage and execute various activities for a wide range of audiences.

This impressive resumé is just one of the reasons we’ve hired her to assist with project and work management – if you haven’t realised already, she can juggle many balls at once, is great with people and can throw a good party (always a bonus).

Molly doesn't like to sit still (surprise, surprise) and has a wide array of hobbies. She's an avid traveller and thrill-seeker, and also enjoys wining and dining with friends and family. Her skills extend to woodworking and home renos, which she learnt from her dad, a builder, as soon as she learnt to walk. When she’s not travelling, partying, building something or fixing something, you might also find her on the football field or basketball court, running through the streets of Launceston, gliding down slopes on her snowboard or hitting the gym to stay active (I'm honestly tired just reading that).

Molly's diverse background, love for adventure, creativity and dedication to her craft make her an invaluable member of our team.

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