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Matt Field


“Hey Siri, please list the top 3 nicest people you will ever meet.”

“Okay, here’s what I found on google for top 3 nicest people you will ever meet.”

  1. Mother Teresa
  2. Matt Field
  3. Gandhi

Serving people is Matt’s passion, and it shows. As the face of the business and the first person you will meet when entering our front door, there is honestly no better way to describe Matty than just ‘the best’.

It’s hard to list Matty’s roles and responsibilities because he wears just about every cap in the office, but when it comes to the day-to-day, you will find him helping with accounts, organising just about everything and never saying no (we are working on that).

With some meticulously groomed facial hair, mad ink and a different outfit every day, this guy will be sure to catch your eye (sorry ladies, he’s taken).

Weekends for Matt consist of researching the latest and greatest products, cooking up a storm, oh and doing our reports for Monday morning meeting (did we mention how great this guy is?!).



— Launceston City Mission

We have an ongoing partnership with Launceston City Mission in which the entire team at S. Group engage in annual group volunteering projects.





— Heart Foundation

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