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Service level agreement (SLA)

S. Group offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee via this service level agreement based on network and host node availability. Collectively, these guarantees may be referred to as the "SLA." This uptime guarantee does not apply to the accessibility of the CMS administration panel.


The uptime guarantee only applies to network and instance availability during normal operation.

The uptime guarantee does not apply to the uptime of software not directly provided and installed by S. Group. Any outage due to server software, operating systems or improper configurations not directly configured, provided and/or installed by S. Group is not subject to this uptime guarantee. Denial of service attacks against your instance is also not subject to this uptime guarantee.

The guarantee does not apply when scheduled maintenance occurs with a minimum of forty-eight (48) hour notice or in the event a time-critical patch/update must be applied as long as the outage does not exceed ten (10) minutes.

Outage credits

In accordance with the procedure outlined below, you must initiate a support ticket and request that a credit be applied to your account.

Merely initiating a support ticket related to an outage will not result in any credit to your account.

Initiating a support ticket and requesting credit is what triggers an event for any potential credits; however, S. Group must still determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not an eligible outage has occurred.

If S. Group determines that an eligible outage has occurred, then the ticket you generated will be used to generate a credit using the table below:

  • Less than 9 minutes: 24 Hours
  • 10 – 59 minutes: 48 Hours
  • 60 – 119 minutes: 96 Hours
  • 120 – 239 minutes: 240 Hours
  • 240 – 419 minutes: 480 Hours
  • 420+ minutes: 1,334 Hours (2 Months)

How to obtain your credit

In order to receive any credit offered under this SLA, you must initiate a support ticket related to the event AND expressly request that S. Group issue a credit. While our website instances are monitored and we are automatically notified of potential outages, please do not assume that we are aware of your outage.

Your outage may be wholly unrelated to S. Group's services, so unless you contact us via a support ticket, we may not be aware any problem exists.

Outages related to services or events not under S. Group's control (such as DNS) are not eligible for any guarantee or credit offered under this SLA.

Require support?

You may initiate such a support ticket by emailing