create wonder.

Posted on: 25 Feb 2021

Ten years ago in 2011…

The final Harry Potter film was released.
The first Game of Thrones episode was aired.
Prince William and Kate were married.
Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laden and Amy Winehouse died.
Cyclone Yasi hit Queensland and the Occupy Wall Street moment began.

And a small upstart architectural firm called S. Group opened in Launceston, aiming to disrupt and inspire.

Fast forward to ten years later… and people are still talking about the atrocious ending to Game of Thrones… controversial… oh and…

The world has changed. We’ve changed.

We’re no longer the fresh-faced, edgy new kids on the block. We’re more considered, more stylish, more mature (mostly), and there is a considerably greater amount of grey hair in the office.

S. Group has diversified and expanded to a team of 23 across architecture, brand and marketing, and operations. Our philanthropic efforts have contributed over $1.1 million towards not-for-profit organisations, locally and overseas, in funds and services donated, and funds raised.

Our calibre has gone from strength to strength, and we’ve won numerous awards. We’re market leaders, in our services and as an employer (we promise Sam didn’t write that bit, he really is awesome).

We’re not the same company that started ten years ago.

So, we’ve updated our brand to reflect our evolution.

Our new logo pays proud homage to our journey. Our new S features two apostrophes in the design, linked by an elegant curve. It symbolises architecture and brand and marketing, and how both sides of our business come together to create something truly magical.

Our brand imagery celebrates our essence - visually stunning yet playful and joyous. It reminds us of our world’s wondrous beauty. It highlights the emotional connections that elevate us and compel us to be better. We like it so much we’re not even mad that we had to get up early for them.

Our philosophy has also evolved. We no longer chase wonder. Please no more chasing, only Phil can run for 10 years and not stop, we’re sleepy. Our brand promise to our clients, to the world, and to each other, is to create wonder.

It’s not a mere catchphrase, nor a lofty ambition. As a guiding purpose, it informs and influences our work, relationships, and giving. It’s a great responsibility and one that we at S. Group take seriously.

We don’t simply work. We come together, as a team, and with our clients, to create something bigger than each of us.

We create wonder.

Let’s make some magic. (Cue the drums).