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Posted on: 16 Oct 2017

Episode 1: Meet AVA.

We are very excited for you to meet Ava!

The quaint little 1890’s cottage is full of character, history and charm. Ava’s got a whole lot of potential packed into its meager 130m2 footprint and is in desperate need of some love and attention.

Don’t let Ava’s size fool you though, we believe that with some clever use of space and out of the box thinking, we can create a beautiful family home showing its full potential.

At the heart of the project are Sam and Sarah Haberle, using the combined experience of a registered architect and interior designer they’ll give Ava a new look while demonstrating how to create big things in small spaces.

Sam and Sarah are known for pushing the boundaries of architecture and breaking the ‘rules’ when it comes to design and innovation. They plan to breathe new life into the cottage, while maintaining the historical aesthetic and incorporating modern elements to show off Ava’s big personality.

Check out episode 1 – Meet AVA:

Ava Before Low Res RGB 72dpi 002
Demo Low Res RGB 300dpi 027
Demo Low Res RGB 300dpi 034