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Posted on: 31 Oct 2017

Episode 2: From the Ground Up.

We're now three weeks into AVA's transformation, and if you've recently passed by her inner-city corner you'll have noticed she has already made HUGE progress!

The guys from Tas City Building, Reece Plumbing, Nubco, Home Timber and Hardware, Pro-Dig Earthworks, O'Byrne Plumbing and Perth Engineering have been kicking it up a gear to get AVA ready her first Christmas as a new woman!

Our architects are hard at work, making sure AVA is in top shape. Steelwork is popping up, and we're continually discovering creative ways to make the best use of AVA’s square meterage.

The foundations are very much taking shape, and we're very excited to be quickly approaching the interior design and fit-out stages with just seven weeks left to go.

Don't miss Sam's special design tricks and Sarah's plans to make the best use of AVA's small space!

Tas City Low Res RGB 300dpi 002
Carpet Court Low Res RGB 300dpi 001
Relics Low Res RGB 300dpi 010
Polytec Low Res RGB 300dpi 002