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We've been busy working with the crew at The Baker Group on their latest development "Duchess", which has recently launched to market!

Beginning with brand, which included giving her a name and designing the brand identity, we then developed a host of marketing collateral for Duchess such as campaign videos, a website, site signage and a social media strategy.

Coupling this with our Architecture team, we also assisted our client with interior design - coming up with 4 different interior styles for the development.

J006019 Duchess Social V1 Where Life Is
Signage high res 2
J006019 Duchess Social V1 Entertain
TH4 High Res 36
TH5 High Res 15
J006019 Duchess Social V1 Grow
TH2 High res 6
TH2 High res 11
J006019 Duchess Social V1 Downsize
TH4 High Res 17
TH2 High res 12
TH7 High Res 43

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