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Jarrod Cunningham

Junior Designer

Although new to architecture, Jarrod has been hands-on in the industry for a few years – working as a window/door framing installer while completing his Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design course (don’t let his photos deceive you - he is older than 16).

Enter 2022, where Jarrod has joined us two days a week, learning from our team firsthand, setting him up for his return to Uni next year for his Master of Architecture degree.

When he’s not helping our team, he can be found running around playing field hockey with the South Launceston Suns or watching and playing basketball (great, another Basketball tragic added to the team). He also enjoys warm clothes out of the dryer, which tends to put him to sleep, so we have turned all heaters off in the office until further notice.

Having written speed as his secret skill, and although he did mean running, we love having another efficient member to add to the team. Welcome, Jarrod!

Qualifications + Experience

Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design


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