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Bec Szabo

Executive Assistant

“Hey, Siri. Find us the most organised person ever.”

“Ok, here’s what I’ve found for 'most organised person ever' – Bec Szabo.”

Armed with over ten years of experience supporting business leaders in various industries, Bec joins the S. Group team for her next challenge – wrangling the one and only Sam Haberle.

Bec’s personality, experience, and hospitality background create the perfect recipe for her to kick goals as Sam’s Executive Assistant. She’s one part multi-tasker, one part people person, and a big dollop of 'get shit done' attitude.
Bec not only has a genuine enthusiasm for doing what she can to help Sam, but she also seems to be able to handle anything else the team throws at her (and believe us, we've thrown some curly ones her way).

Despite a terrible sense of direction (literally her only flaw), when Bec isn’t in the office she likes to stretch her legs in the Tassie wilderness. We might blame her terrible sense of direction on a stint living in WA – west ain't best in this case. And if she’s not out exploring, she’ll be at home with her favourite (only) badger dog, Rosie, on her lap... either with a gaming controller in her hands or trying to perfect the perfect salty-to-sweet ratio for her Thai green curry (we won’t say no to being your taste testers, Bec).

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