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Posted on: 22 Nov 2017

Boland Street development approved by council

Story by Tarlia Jordan - The Examiner, Launceston

The designers of the proposed Boland Street cottages have confirmed the building’s height and apartment numbers.

The redevelopment will include 29 dwellings across two L-shaped properties.

The building’s height will be 13 metres, with a six-metre setback for the fourth level. The setback means the building will look smaller from the street.

Setbacks are common practice in Launceston, S. Group architect Jono Buist said, with Sebel Launceston also using the tactic. He also said the building would be about the same height as Cimitiere House.

“We’ve done lots of viewing analysis. From Honda you can only just see it,” Mr Buist said.

However, The building’s lift overrun will be 17 metres.

Two sites will be combined for the apartments. Property at 13 Tamar Street – between Honda Motorcycles and Launceston Showgirls – and the Boland Street cottages will be developed.

Twenty seven apartments will be built on the Boland Street side and two dwellings on Tamar Street, as well as a retail opportunity.

The developer had planned 30 apartments, but the setback meant one apartment on the top level was lost. Three representations were received by the City of Launceston during the development application process.

“It would have been significant cost for the developer to consider that, but in light of that representation, it had to change,” Mr Buist said.

“We’ve done our best to consider the representations and we’ve redesigned around them.”

The driveway for the apartments will be left-in and left-out to stop any further traffic issues.

Mr Buist said after the appeal process had finished, the next step would be to meet with the developer and complete a detailed costing analysis.

They will then seek building approval. An estimated time frame for the development to start is still unknown.

Mr Buist said the site’s interstate developer was “definitely happy” with the council’s decision to approve the development at its Monday meeting, saying the developers are “confident” in Launceston’s future.

Mr Buist said the planning process was positive, but not easy. “It’s been quite a good effort on everyone’s behalf, including the council and state government,” he said

The new plans have not yet been released.

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