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S. Group is a proud partner of Compassion International, and in 2017 we have been able to fully fund a $53,400 capital works project for the Parakletos Child Development Centre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, improving learning conditions for 167 children.

The primary objective of this 'critical intervention' project was to improve the learning conditions for 167 Compassion assisted children at the Child Development Centre by renovating the existing building to provide adequate facilities—including seven classrooms, one office space, and one computer classroom—to allow children to participate in program activities in clean, healthy, comfortable spaces conducive to learning.

According to UNICEF, "poor education is the equivalent of no education as there is very little point in providing the opportunity for children to go to school if they will not become literate, numerate or if they fail to acquire critical life skills."

Since 1991, Parakletos Child Development Centre has been serving and caring for children in partnership with Compassion Indonesia. Today, they serve 167 children. Centre staff wholeheartedly recognise the importance of a good learning environment and good facilities when it comes to the holistic development of children. But the reality they face daily is one of the limited resources such as manpower, finances, and a decent, suitable building in which to conduct program activities.

Through renovating Centre’s existing building into an expanded building, the children will be able to develop and grow in a safe, comfortable environment conducive to learning. They will improve in concentration and have sufficient room to properly engage in program activities. With dedicated spaces to efficiently conduct crucial life skills workshops and program curriculum, Compassion assisted children will have the opportunity to reach their holistic development goals and their full potential in life!

To hear more about the project, feel free to have a read of Compassion International's project completion report here.

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