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Did you know Crawf’s signature sold for $1,000 on Ebay? Well, not really, but we’re pretty confident that it could, he’s that famous within the web development community.*

Crawf is one of Australia’s leading web developers and we’re so proud to have him as part of the S. gang. His high-level development skills come from over a decade’s experience in the industry, with a particular passion for Craft CMS which provides clients with an intuitive, flexible and secure platform to edit their website content. In fact, Josh spearheaded the very first publicly available Craft Commerce website and continues to be a major contributor in the Craft community.

This is where we insert something personal about Crawf so we can share that he plays a mean game Netball as Wing Defence, loves to cook... and I’m sure he won’t mind us saying that we think the best thing about him is his hilarious, stunning and incredibly clever wife, Bec (she is really, really cool).

*Without a doubt, Crawf will hate his profile piece so he hasn’t seen it. Sshh.

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Qualifications + Experience

Industry Experience



— Craft CMS DotOne Conference


— Craft CMS DotOne Conference


— Verbb

Verbb is a software development company that designs and develops plugins for Craft CMS and Craft Commerce.


Service Provider

— Craft CMS

Bachelor of Computing

— University of Tasmania
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Honours + Awards

Grand Diemen Award for the Digital Category

— Diemen Awards

Notable clients

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bendigo Bank, City of Launceston, Deus ex Machina, GTBank, Junction Arts Festival, SMAI

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