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Wipertech is a large online retailer of vehicle wiper blades. Wipertech had grown considerably since its launch a little over 10 years ago and felt that its existing website was in need of an overhaul from both a design and infrastructure perspective.

They were drawn to Craft and its first-party eCommerce plugin Craft Commerce due to its ease of use and unlimited flexibility and soon approached S. Group to discuss the possibility of migrating their existing Magento eCommerce website over to Craft.

After some discussion around the technical aspects of the migration, we were ultimately engaged by Wipertech to migrate their website to Craft as well as develop a brand new front-end design that was provided to us from a third-party design agency that Wipertech had engaged previously.

After being provided with the static designs, it was our responsibility to turn them into an engaging and interactive website, building the site out with features like a real-time search and vehicle finder, interactive buttons, modal windows and a dynamic product page that updates prices and information as different product options are selected.

Wipertech Homepage 1200 RGB 300dpi 01
Wipertech Homepage 1200 RGB 300dpi 02
Wipertech Homepage 1200 RGB 300dpi 03
Wipertech Homepage 1200 RGB 300dpi 04
Wipertech Test Drive 378 RGB 300dpi
Wipertech Login Register 2000 RGB 300dpi
Wipertech Shipping 2000 RGB 300dpi
3 Wipertech Login Register 1000 72dpi RGB

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