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Posted on: 6 Jan 2020

The year that was.

Let’s be honest, end of year wrap-ups are all pretty much the same. The highs, the lows, a few laughs and a big “cheers” to the New Year, right?

But saying see ya’ to 2019 is also an opportunity to wrap up a decade and reflect on the last 10 years. An era that brought us Fyre Festival, dabbing, fake news and Gangnam style… but also some really great things – like marriage equality, Leo’s first Oscar, AFLW and S. Group!

That’s right, it was 8 and a half short years ago when we were just a twinkle in Sam Haberle’s eye. Fast-forward to today, and we’re finish the decade having designed 543 new homes, assisted 379 businesses and organisations with branding and marketing, and funded 337 KIVA projects. So here we are staring down the barrel of another decade, ready to take 2020 by the horns and make it our own.

What will the New Year hold for you?

Well, we’re hoping the New Year holds as much joy, generosity, courage and consideration as we’ve experienced in the past 8.5. Great design. Awesome people. And a purpose that drives us through it all.

Since day one back in 2011, S. Group has contributed almost $1million in funds donated, funds raised, and donation of services in kind as we chase after our vision of seeing a world without poverty. Locally and globally, we believe in using our skills and capital to positively impact our communities.

We’ve had some huge highlights over the year (and the decade), which we celebrated with you at our annual S. Group Christmas Party. For those who couldn’t attend, check out our wrap up below.

Happy New Year, and here’s to an epic 2020!

Love S.