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Through our previous experience in successfully delivering multi-residential property developments, Vos Nominees approached S. Group to assess the feasibility and subsequently develop the strategy and business model for this 27 townhouse property development to be built in Launceston.

After successfully establishing the development model, S. Group designed, documented and assisted in the facilitation of the construction of the recently completed first stage of Avila which was opened to overwhelming attendance.

Avila HD002
Avila HD001
Avila Night

Vos appointed S. Group with the task to develop the complete marketing strategy, inclusive of delivering all collateral to launch their latest multi-residential townhouse development, Avila.

From strategy to photography and video, to the design and development of a new website, to print collateral and marketing, and also social media tactics, S. Group designed, developed, facilitated and managed the entire marketing roll-out. Working with and managing multiple stakeholders, Avila’s opening and launch to the market vastly exceeded all expectations with over 600 people attending the open day.

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