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Brand, architecture + marketing.

Our architecture team have worked closely on Ingomar, a $15m, 26 apartment multi-residential development in Hobart.

From project feasibility to concept design, managing council approvals to working and collaborating alongside project sub-consultants, all the way through to developing the detailed documentation as we now approach construction.

But it doesn't end there... because this project went totally BAM!

With our architects collaborating with our brand + marketing team, we were able to offer this client our full suite of services - brand + architecture + marketing... or as we like to call it – BAM.

From brand strategy to developing the brand name and visual identity, through to taking it to market by designing and developing the Ingomar website, print collateral, and managing a digital marketing campaign, our team is continuing to create wonder for our client, as Ingomar now goes to market.

Exterior Render 1
Interior Render Blanca 1
Interior Render Noir 1
Ingomar Brochure 2408px 300dpi 5
Interior Render Noir 2
Interior Render Blanca 2
Ingomar Brochure 2408px 300dpi 4
1 O6 A6522
Ingomar Brochure 1
Website Mockup



  • Hobart, Tasmania

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