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VMTC is an organisation that provides personal prayer ministries as a way for Christians experiencing hurt and brokenness to be healed.

The team at VMTC approached us to develop a new website to help them provide information on the ministries, facilitate events and training schools, sell books online and keep their followers up to date with news and recent testimonies. The website was developed using our content management system of choice – Craft – to allow VMTC to keep their content up to date.

For the eCommerce section of the site, we settled on Snipcart for its simple and cost-effective integration with Craft through a third party plugin. This allowed VMTC to get up and running selling books online at a cost that fit within their budget while trading some of the flexibility that a more robust eCommerce solution like Craft Commerce provides.

VMTC Website Full Page V1 01
VMTC Website Full Page V1 02
VMTC Website Full Page V1 03
VMTC Website Full Page V1 04



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