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When the Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service (TALS) came to us for a brand update, it was clear they’d been faced with the same challenges many not-for-profit organisations have: how do they upgrade and prioritise their own brand and marketing, when their purpose is to help others?

TALS Logo web banner L
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With the help of our brand and marketing team, the awesome people at TALS came to understand that in order to attract future employees – and therefore offer their services to a broader clientele – it was important to progress the brand to appear more contemporary and professional.

After a workshop and strategy session, we set to work designing their new logo. The resulting brand pays respect to Aboriginal culture, while presenting as fresh, versatile, and contemporary.

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TALS Business Card Mockup
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TALS Style Guide Mockup square

We were also tasked in developing a new website for TALS. Through our discussions, it was important that the new website conveyed a broad range of information to diverse audiences – from clients requiring services, to future employees, to government bodies and other organisations.

Therefore, the priorities for the website were:

  • It must be super easy for users to understand
  • It provided an efficient path to any required information

The end result is a site that’s full of useful and helpful information displayed in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner.

The website incorporates brand elements taken from Tasmanian nature, giving the website a uniquely Tasmanian identity that connects to all corners and communities of the state.

TALS web design 2
TALS web design 1
TALS Web Phone Mockup wide

Not satisfied with a stunning new brand and website – TALS also wanted to promote their new brand through a range of merch for their employees and clients.

From stationery to drink bottles, to stickers and magnets, to uniforms and beanies – we loved finding new ways to present the TALS brand on a variety of mediums. (Our favourite is the rock candy… watermelon-flavoured and super delish!)

TALS Merch Social Tiles Square3
TALS Merch Social Tiles Square
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