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Richard Grantham

Web Developer

Richard has been in the web industry since the age of 17, before the internet was a household thing, and has travelled and worked across the globe (even Gibraltar). He is passionate about making a difference on each and every project he’s involved in and has been fortunate enough to work on some of the largest eCommerce sites out there.

His knowledge of SEO, domain ranking, coding and loads of other confusing web developer stuff complements the S. Group team perfectly. So, even though he still supports England in the world cup, we think we’ll keep him.

When Richard isn’t drinking tea, working or asking if everyone’s alright (Brit’s, honestly?!), he enjoys playing tennis, binge-watching Forest Gump, playing guitar or piano and caring for his Norwegian Forest Cat, Mr Jangles. So well-travelled, I’m sure Richard didn’t know he would end up in Tasmania, but we’re glad he did and as the saying goes… “life is like a box of chocolates”.

Notable clients

Pro Direct Soccer, Soccer Bible, BetFred, Concave and Visit Lake District.

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