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A financial service for your whole life

Intend Financial, a new business formed by 3 separate financial advisory businesses in Victoria and Tasmania, aim to help clients achieve a more fulfilled life through more than just finances. Their referral network includes legal services, marketing consultants, personal trainers, counsellors, general business services, life coaches, philanthropy opportunities, yoga instructors and more.

This unique service offering needed to be communicated in an original and creative way. In an industry full of compliance and conservative financial brands, we aimed to position Intend Financial as contemporary, approachable, and delivering a service that’s relevant to a person’s whole life - not just their financial interests.

To convey this through the brand identity, we used graphic shapes to symbolise mind, body and soul (the circle representing wholeness and the mind, the hourglass representing time and the body, and the infinity symbol representing ongoing cycles, as well as the soul). The colours were chosen to be bright and engaging, conveying energy and optimism.

The new brand was rolled out through a range of collateral, including office signage, stationery and a comprehensive style guide.

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Intend Tag line 01

Our campaign revolved around people in various stages of life, with a flowing, consistent thread weaving throughout, to symbolise the continuity of Intend’s involvement, and the holistic approach they take. Both the videography and accompanying campaign photography used the brand colour palette to strengthen brand recognition, and create a point of difference.

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Intend Business Cards 01

Our intention (yes, pun intended!) with Intend Financial’s website was also to create something unique, creative and very ‘un-financial’ in its feel. It needed to reflect the enjoyable, holistic experience their clients have, while clearly communicating the business’ point of difference. It was important that the website deliver a user-friendly and accessible pathway for clients to access their details, and for potential clients to find out more information or make an appointment.

As far as websites go for this industry, we’re pretty confident in saying that it’s a little bit outside the box. (In fact, we don’t think there’s a box in sight!)

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