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Residential architecture.

The brief for the Long House consisted of three simple ideas; beauty, livability and timeliness. Our Architects collaborated with this awesome young couple to create something truly special that would be a stunning family space for years to come.

Perched along the contour of a steep hillside looking north towards Hobart scenery and waterways, the design draws itself along the hill minimising scarring of the site and the end result feels nestled and like it has been in place for years.

Modest in size yet highly considered in form and detail, the home draws on traditional gable forms and materiality. Careful placement and scaling of glazing and doors ensure the home draws on the sun and summer breeze to passively heat and cool the home.

The crew at S. were honoured to work with a special couple (now 3) in creating a house to call home and create beautiful memories.

Photography: Ali Davis Photography

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  • Woodbridge, Tasmania

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