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Supporting the Dorset brand is the idea of ‘it’s in the making’. Tasmania’s North‑East region is where the climate is ripe for the picking. Where the cool air and open fields, endless beaches and rugged beauty is matched by the warmth of the community and those around us.

The North-East region is not our destination, it’s our journey. It’s where we find our voice, our purpose, our dreams. It’s where the soil is ready to plant roots for generations to come…

"The facets of the Dorset device. Future-driven thinking represented by an iconic regional mnemonic – unquestionably Dorset. Exemplifying the thrive essence through its unfolding shape. Can be utilised as ‘origami’ to create objects and shapes in marketing.”

The Dorset logo includes the facets of Dorset device, which is an abstract graphic based on the shape of the Dorset region and its major arteries. This iconic regional mnemonic represents future-driven thinking through its potential use as ‘origami’ to create limitless objects and ideas.

The facets device is combined with clear and approachable italic typography, representing our attitude to communication.

Dorset Council Logo 1520 RGB 72dpi
Dorset Council Brand Book Cover 3500 RGB 240dpi
Dorset Council Brand Book Inside 2 3500 RGB 240dpi
Dorset Council Brand Book Inside 1 3500 RGB 240dpi

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