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A safe haven of communal space where adventurers can share their stories by firelight. A place where memories are made and stories are told. Welcome to the Dales of Derby.

The Dales of Derby is nestled among the foothills of the Blue Tiers, in the township of Derby. They are a new business, offering high-end group accommodation with communal spaces where visitors can recuperate and share stories from their adventures.

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To kick off the development of their brand and marketing, we walked them through a brand workshop to better understand their vision, target market and what makes them tick. From this, we created a brand audit that guided the rest of the project.

It was clear that the Dales of Derby was intended to be a retreat for families and friends to relax together after a day of adventuring. It was this idea that inspired their positioning line: Memories made. Stories told.

Their logo, a simple wordmark, was designed to reflect the nostalgia of family holidays and generous hospitality, combined with high-end accommodation with all modern comforts.

We explored the idea of adventure further through their website, using a trail motif, combined with original photography, throughout the website to draw viewers into the site. This design carried through their marketing collateral, including business cards and brochure.

Their website was designed to be a user-friendly site where visitors could not only book their stay, but read stories from other visitors, and discover a range of actives in the surrounding area.

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