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Through 2019, our brand and marketing team had the joy of working with DTour – a tour company and experience like no other!

Where most companies seek to generate a profit, DTour only has two goals in mind; first, they give their riders an experience they will never forget, an adventure that takes them off the normal ‘tourist’ path. But secondly, and most importantly, they seek to support the staff and children of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, a children's home that is at the heart of all that DTour does. All profits from tours go towards the mission and its staff.

When we first started the journey with DTour (pardon the pun), it was just a concept. Our brand and marketing team worked closely with Clifton and the DTour team to develop and fine-tune the business model, research and develop the strategy surrounding the brand and marketing, and design and develop the brand identity.

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While a DTour experience winds its way through remote roads, villages in northern India and Nepal, we assisted DTour to identify that its primary value segment (target market) is what we refer to as a Young Optimist.

The Young Optimist is a young optimistic that seeks to improve their prospects in life. People in this segment are conscious of the image they project, they are long-term thinkers and often attend university, plan careers and think about the future. They tend to be people who want to experience all life has to offer – travel, a career, friends and family.

This research and guidance then informed the brand values and the brand identity that our team developed. We landed on the positioning line “Let the challenge change you”, with making a difference being at the core of the brand and the experience that it offers.

Once the brand had been developed, our web gurus swept in to design and develop the website for DTour. As with all brands, it was critical to ensure that the customer’s experience on the website aligned with the brand personality and its goals, and that its message was clear throughout each and every touchpoint.

While COVID has thrown a spanner in the works for DTour, we are excited to see the organisation reach its full potential in the years to come. Across the project, S. Group is proud to have donated in excess of 120 hours, equating to approximately $20,000 in professional services to this worthy cause.


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