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In the space of three years, Healthy Mind Centre has grown from a sole practitioner to more than 10 staff offering a range of psychology and mental health services in northern Tasmania.

Our audit of their previous brand presence found it could be perceived as lacking both warmth and professionalism. The audit also identified ideal target market segments for messaging to be directed towards. Overlapping values of personal growth, family, community and communication form the foundation of the design direction.

We were also acutely aware that there are numerous barriers to seeking help with mental health, including cost, feeling confronted by the process and stigma associated with mental health issues. Our brand needed to feel approachable and warm, while still exuding professionalism; qualified and expert, yet not elitist or expensive.

Creating a brand that positions HMC as a leader in the allied health field, increases recognition and positive brand associations for potential clients and referrers, along with current and future employees, was the goal. The brand had to also be reflective of the calm and reassuring personality which resonates throughout the organisation’s culture.

The new brand logo incorporates a friendly and fresh colour palette, a clear font with some rounding to soften it and a handwritten positioning line to show their personal nature. The logo symbol represents both the brain and speech, reflecting the importance of communication in approaching many mental health issues. The multi-layered colours and shapes represent pathways in the brain, which can be rewired or reinforced through cognitive behavioural therapies. An abbreviated HMC logo version is also available for selected communications, allowing recognition by existing clients while maintaining their confidentiality.

The positioning line ‘pathways to better’ indicates that improving mental health comes from a series of choices that HMC can help people to reveal for themselves.

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