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Brand development.

Bec and George came to S. Group as high profile reality TV personalities from “The Block”, who wanted to create a brand for their new business.

We undertook a brand workshop to explore how the business could portray its offer and how it can reach its target audience. We defined the brand’s vision, values, personality and positioning, and the most compelling reason for customer choice: an emotional proposition.

From this workshop, we were able to create a unique brand name that reflected their personalities and resonated with their target market.

Nectaar Three Colours On Dark 4253 RGB 300dpi
Nectaar Dark On Light 4253 RGB 300dpi
Nectaar Light On Dark 4253 RGB 300dpi
Nectaar Letterhead 1800 RGB 300dpi
Nectaar Phone 3000 RGB 300dpi

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