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PanLogica is a Hobart-based software developer, specialising in aquaculture planning and development. Their software solution, Neptune, is used around the world and aims to provide planners with the freedom of choice as they can see how decisions affect output and results.

PanLogica came to us with video collateral that played on the same idea of a 'decision tree' (a common algorithm in computer science) and wanted their website to capture this same thought process.

To illustrate this, we sought to create a unique design, guiding users through elements of interactivity. Our designers and developers worked together from the very start of the project to brainstorm the design and functionality.

The team used technologies to detect users scrolling through the page and trigger elements to be shown or hidden. Additionally, a path is constant through the journey a user takes down the page, with the bottom of each page asking the user to choose where to go next.

A key consideration when designing and developing the site was browser-compatibility and responsiveness, which was challenging for a custom-design such as this with animations and scroll events. More importantly, the design needed to work well across a collection of languages for PanLogica’s target markets. With so many custom elements that relied on line-lengths and positioning, the project was touch, but a lot of fun.

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