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We are super proud to have partnered with Pixel & Tonic (the makers of Craft CMS) by producing a brand for their Dot One Australia conference in Melbourne in February 2019.

While Dot One is a developer-heavy conference, the community is very diverse from designers, marketers and project managers. The brand plays on ‘monospaced’ characters, similar to what developers write code in, but without going too high-tech. Branding was used on signage, digital assets and other promotional gear for the conference. It’s likely this will carry over to future events around the world in the coming years.

Every conference needs a swag bag of goodies. We created a t-shirt for everyone to take home to remind them of the day. The focus was on creating something that people would actually want to wear, rather than a token t-shirt. Inspiration was taken from the Craft CMS installation screen which users first see when starting up the CMS. Of course, we wanted to focus on Australian iconography, which you can see for yourself.

Craft dot one web portfolio 2000 rgb 300dpi 1 190319 103234
Craft dot one web portfolio 2000 rgb 300dpi 2
Craft dot one web portfolio 2000 rgb 300dpi 3

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