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Education architecture.

This project looked at providing an 11/12 centre for a growing school in Bendigo.

The design focused on creating a myriad of learning spaces to cater for a variety of educational and creative needs.

Flexible, open plan and private learning spaces were arranged around a grand entry foyer and staircase. The project was carefully master-planned so as to also facilitate a connection with the school oval and provide facilities for sport. The project was completed for exceptional value well under industry-standard construction costs.

VCC S Group HD023
VCC S Group HD027
VCC S Group HD026
VCC S Group HD040
VCC S Group HD024
VCC S Group HD025
VCC S Group HD042
VCC S Group HD028
VCC S Group HD029
VCC S Group HD030
VCC S Group HD044
VCC S Group HD046
VCC S Group HD048

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