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Eaglecrest has had a little work done lately, a little self-improvement.

We've spent some time redefining who they want to be, what they stand for and how they make it happen. The one trait in their personality that rang true over and over was their ability to create freedom for clients. And, as we’ve spent more time exploring this, we’ve discovered they're pretty damn ambitious, optimistic and boy do they have a can-do attitude!

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They're just like you, they're go-getters, they have a social conscience and they stand by their values, no matter what. And we like to think they know what you want. You don’t care so much about the IT, rather you care about what it does for you. You’re focused on what you do best and so is Eaglecrest. You want to get on with it. You probably want to forget about IT altogether and if we’re honest, that is how it should be! So that brings us to their new positioning, slogan, tagline, catchphrase, whatever you want to call it – Free To Do. Eaglecrest is here to make you free to do, create, explore, work, connect and retreat. Free to get more out of your time and not be held back by geography, time or technology.

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A little bit of the nitty-gritty

Our brand and marketing team worked with Eaglecrest's key management team to perform an audit of the brand, redefining their positioning and creating some clear actions and single-minded proposition. Following the direction of this audit, we set out to refresh Eaglecrest's brand ID and roll this out across the website, company vehicles, signage, stationery and collateral.


  • Eaglecrest


  • Launceston, Tasmania

Project Team

  • Claire Hayes
  • Rain Lyall
  • Kelsey Thomas
  • Steve Lucius
  • Tara Howell

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