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In association with Cross Culture India, S. Group embarked on a mission to the streets of Kolkata.

The goal of the project was to work closely with the team at Cross Culture to establish a sustainable business model and brand strategy to assist them with the ongoing development and growth of one of their key programs, the Freedom Center.

The Freedom Center is an education-focused program that provides opportunities to youth living within slum communities in Kolkata. During an intensive one-week period, a small team from S. travelled to Kolkata and met with their key stakeholders, as well as existing and past students in order to understand the program's structure and the benefits that it provides to people that undertake one of its educational courses. After a few days of meetings and interviews, work began on developing a business model and brand strategy along with brand development, photography, videography and content development.

As the team worked on the ground in Kolkata they collaborated closely with the rest of the crew back at home in the office, utilising our skills to deliver an amazing result for the Cross Culture team who were blown away by what we were able to produce before the team travelled back home to Australia.

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