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Junction Arts Festival is an annual multi-arts festival featuring interactive and ambitious contemporary art, music and performance that transforms the streets and hidden spaces of Launceston each year.

Having an ongoing relationship with Junction since 2012, S.Group has been once again invited to develop all brand, digital and printed collateral, along with a bespoke ticketing platform for the 2016 Festival.

Junction Style Guide
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Make it yours

With the refresh of their brand, Junction also wanted to drop "Arts Festival" from their name and replace it with a "less niche" tagline to captivate a wider audience. We focused on;

  • Friendly, short, simple and concise message that communicates to a diverse and broader market
  • Community perspective - Launceston community to own the festival and make it their festival
  • Personal perspective - Individual proposition that provokes ownership. Make the festival the experience you want it to be by attending or participating in the events and performances that appeal to you
Junction Business Cards
Junction Video Still Frame


Our goal was to create eye-catching, memorable imagery that makes you say “wow” by using imagery with volume, life and detail that entices the viewer to keep looking in order to absorb the content.

To support the newly developed tagline "Make It Yours" we explored an artistic, handcrafted approach that’s relatable to creatives, families, children, adults and those who simply appreciate great design. This stand-alone position showcases the distinctive Junction personality by contrasting competitors and appealing to a broader target audience.

Junction Poster Large Print
Junction Poster Small Print
Video Still Frame Couple

Bringing it to life

To create a 3D scene to provide layers and depth.

Incorporating the Prince’s Square fountain into the design to represent the central hub of the festival with an iconic element.

Use of trees, flowers, birds and other living elements to represent spring, new life and bold colour.

Use of hanging elements like “floating” clouds and string lights to create ambience connecting to the Junction.

Junction Video Still Frame Night
Junction Brochure Spread Standing
Junction Letterhead
Junction Brochure Spread Map


  • Junction Arts Festival

Project Team

  • Claire Hayes
  • Richard Harmey

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