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Nestled in the historic town of Cressy, surrounded by lush green grass and some of the cleanest air in the world, sits one of Tasmania’s leading exporters of lamb, Tas Quality Meats (TQM). With significant success in the domestic and international market, the TQM team began to carefully build on the idea of creating a boutique, premium lamb product to take to market.

Initially launched under the name Three Rivers, the TQM team (lead by an incredible trio of young guns in the organisation), hopped on board the S. Group train ready to see what magic we could bring to the table.

The first challenge? Creating a name that captured the essence of Tasmanian Lamb. It’s simple but simply effective. With Tasmania fast becoming synonymous with quality and premium produce, it would be remiss not to leverage the Tasmania brand itself.

What makes their lamb so.damn.good? (Turn away now vegetarians.) It could be the lamb is raised with care in the rich fields of Tasmania’s north, slowly growing on an abundance of lush grass, crisp clean air and pure water. Or maybe it’s that only the healthiest and happiest of lambs are carefully hand-selected to become Lamb of Tasmania. The product and process truly embody the positioning Curated to Savour.

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Rolling out the goods

There's a lot of fancy language here but the focus was building a beautiful brand that, while premium, is still warm, authentic and approachable. These guys trusted us to roll out the new brand supported by video, photography, a website, key merchandise pieces, a brochure and some more pieces in the works!

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Lamb of Tas Styleguide
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