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When Cressy District High School wanted to attract more student enrolments, they came to S. Group for advice on their marketing.

We knew the school had a great deal we could promote, from comparatively small class sizes and a stimulating academic program to an expansive and enriching environment. Our task was to develop marketing that would reflect this contemporary approach to learning.

Cressy Logo Old New

As there was already widespread recognition of their logo within the local community, along with significant emotional investment, instead of completely reinventing the school logo, we simply updated it to be more contemporary and professional.

We developed a marketing campaign based around the idea that the school identifies the unique potential in every student, providing them with the opportunity to flourish and grow into whatever it is they aspire to be. Teamed with the tag line ‘Reach upward’, the entire campaign is about an inspiring environment, a caring and considered approach to learning, and of children becoming everything they possibly can.

To extend the marketing campaign with a more informative approach, we have since created two longer videos, which feature staff, students and parents speaking about what they love about Cressy District High School. Not only have the videos been a huge success on Cressy’s Facebook page and in the local community, but enrolments are already up on last year!

Cressy Poster Drama Mockup
Cressy Social Tile Ag Studies
Cressy Social Tile Drama
Cressy Social Tile Science
Cressy Poster Sports Mockup

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