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With only four marathons run in Tasmania each year, it was important to go the extra mile. The event needed to stand out, appeal to athletes all around Australia and be distinctly Tasmanian.

While most people are aware a marathon is run over 42 kilometres, it is a rare and unique coincidence that Launceston city is located thereabouts at 42 degrees latitude – a geographical reference that makes the brand memorable and distinctly Launceston.

The fluent unimpeded flowing ribbons of the 42 design celebrate the long distance covered by the runners and the overall elation of success.

This brand also won a Diemen Award for best logo.

Launceston Marathon Logo Grey BG 2000 RGB 300dpi 170814 111344
Launceston Marathon Tshirt 3858 RGB 300dpi
Launceston Marathon Water Bottle 2500 RGB 300dpi 170814 102407

Project Team

  • Claire Hayes

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